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LED Video Wall

Stunning visuals to MAXimize your impact

The new MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall Raptor Series is a ground-breaking breakthrough in teamwork, and it's the ultimate update to its predecessor.


This LED Wall is a novel solution that significantly simplifies control and configuration features, allowing participants and presenters to connect more naturally and completely.


Voice intelligibility is improved thanks to the integrated studio-quality speaker, and cutting-edge operating system support boosts overall performance. 

Plug-and-play installation with simple maintenance

The 3-in-1 design gives you everything you need in one package.

  • Control Unit: Sending Card+Android Card+Video Processor

  • Receiving Unit: Power Supply+Receiving Card+Hub Board

  • Power Unit: Power Supply+Amplifier+Relay

Amazing audio built-in

The MAXHUB Integrated LED Wall Raptor Series ensures exceptional audio quality with studio-grade, professionally tuned clarity every time.

Collaborate quickly and easily

Ensure seamless connections through the most up-to-date operating systems and built-in sharing features.

  • Built-in Android 9.0

  • LAN screen-sharing for up to 4 windows

  • Low-latency stable mirroring support

Multiple Mounting Indoor Scenarios

Wall mounting
Mobile stand
Ceiling hanging


Mobile Stand-mounting


*Mobile Stand-mounting only support 120″, 138″ and 150″

People inside a conference room

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