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Merge AV is the official partner of Maxhub in New Zealand.


Maxhub is an innovative brand that provides scalable solutions for interactive collaboration and unified communications needs under different spaces.

MAXHUB focuses on developing cutting-edge interaction technologies and designing smart applications that are optimised for use in education, hospitality, conferencing, digital signage, and similar environments.

Maxhub Panel

MAXHUB V5 Transcend Series

Over the Edge

  • 48 MP Flip-over Camera

  • Seam Speakers

  • P-Cap Touch

  • Optical Bonding

  • Android 9

  • Windows 10

MAXHUB values both professionalism and innovation.


MAXHUB Vogue Series is offering new colour options to infuse inspiration into studios and co-working spaces.


Vogue Series features white, turquoise, and gold versions to fit different styles of interior décor.


Equipped with fantastic communication tools, MAXHUB Vogue Series connects not only meeting participants but also the vibrant minds and creative ideas, in ways unwitnessed before.


Vogue Series

Meet in a new fashion.

  • 3 Colours Available

  • Seam Speakers

  • 4K Ultra HD Display

  • Smart Writing

  • 48MP Camera

  • Android 9.0/Windows 10

Pastel Panels
People inside a modern meeting room

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