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Video Window is a platform that effortlessly connects inter-office and remote teams.


The Worlds First Always-on Video Window Conferencing Portal

The true value of Video Window is its ability to connect anyone, anywhere. Our “always-on” immersive portal provides a window into another space, giving all workers - no matter their location, the ability to have easy, natural conversations. Video Window fosters wellbeing and enhances collaboration and productivity.

Put simply, Video Window brings down walls - and colleagues feel connected as if they are looking through a window to their co-workers.

Video Window is the future of work for remote workers, teams, offices and countries.

From colleagues using Video Window on different floors of the same building to teams in different corners of the globe using Video Window to connect.

Our hybrid workplaces are wide and varied, from 2 users that want to chat as if they were in the same room, to 100 remote workers connecting to HQ’s as-and-when they need to.

We are used as “front desk” contacts for various organisations from Architects to Vets.

And we power the portal, dedicated to uniting cities across the globe using lifesize outdoor portals.

Video Window was originally designed for office common areas to encourage people to communicate and collaborate. And people naturally feel comfortable using it to connect – no scheduling, no logging in, no fuss.

Video Window Remote was a natural extension, developed in response to the pandemic, to ensure that remote workers - wherever they may be, remain seen, heard and valued.

Video Window
Video Window
Video Window
Video Window
Video Window
Video Window
Video Window
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