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BlueJeans launches feature for Corporate Learning & Training

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

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Throughout the pandemic, businesses have increased their investment in virtual learning and training in order to assure employee growth, well-being, and retention. According to the publication, "US Training Industry Report 2021." Training investment increased by around 12% to $92.3 billion in 2020-2021. Virtual classroom/Webcasting accounted for 37% of delivery hours in 2018, up from 23% in 2020."

BlueJeans for Corporate Learning and Training, which includes new Meetings features to promote programme visibility and engagement, was launched today to better support all parties involved in the corporate learning and development process, including trainers and facilitators, instructional designers, participants, and business leaders.

Today's corporate learning environments should enable instructors to create a personalised, immersive, and manageable teaching experience without the overhead associated with virtual or hybrid trainings. This necessitates aspects like as design simplicity, manageability, and interoperability, all of which have long been core strengths of the BlueJeans platform.

BlueJeans Corporate Learning and Training provides instructors with a unique dashboard view that presents course participants alongside all necessary training and management tools to promote better course engagement and collaboration, making it easier to facilitate a virtual learning session that brings everyone together.

Instructors can simply rearrange participants in gallery view, highlight a presenter, distribute content, communicate, and much more. Features like 'hard mute' for all participants, restricted meetings, waiting room, and material sharing controls help virtual courses stay on schedule.

A successful learning environment requires participants to be engaged. BlueJeans for Corporate Learning and Training goes beyond virtual meetings to enhance opportunities for everyone to participate during a live session and allows trainers to obtain the best results through inclusive cooperation. Management, diversity, and engagement are all enhanced by new features such as:

Dashboard View: The BlueJeans Dashboard is meant to give teachers a complete picture of what's going on in the learning session, save up time for administrative tasks, and enable easy access to classroom management tools.

Large Meeting Capacity: To expand programme reach and efficacy, BlueJeans Meetings now allows up to 1,000 attendees every meeting.

Collab Board: Participants can use the BlueJeans Collaboration Board to bring course ideas, thoughts, and content together in real time for up to 25 individuals. Outside-of-meeting access provides additional learning opportunities outside of the classroom.

Simultaneous Interpretation: Users have the ability to set their incoming and outgoing languages, as well as volume and audio mix, while providing simultaneous and/or relay interpretation for guests in up to 5 concurrent channels.

Hard Mute: Administrators can ban participants from unmuting and block the mic or video stream for all participants to reduce interruptions.

Weather Person Mode: Facilitators will be able to create a more inclusive experience by overlaying the presenter over the content being delivered in the meeting.

Closed Captioning in Five Languages: Automated closed captioning will be provided in five languages soon, further increasing participant inclusivity.

The BlueJeans for Corporate Learning and Training feature set was created in collaboration with Verizon's award-winning Global Learning and Development (GL&D) organisation to address the most pressing needs for a virtual-first, instructor-led synchronous training solution, building on the company's existing use cases for remote and hybrid learning.

"We've been on the quest for a virtual classroom developed for a learning and development company for the past decade," says Lou Tedrick, Vice President, Verizon GL&D. Most meeting platforms are simply that. Meetings are not a viable substitute for in-person trainings, as anybody in learning and development knows. We were able to ensure that the platform captures everything facilitators, instructional designers, and learners require to deliver successful and engaging training programmes by working directly with and providing continual input to the BlueJeans team. For learning and development experts, this is a dream come true."

The Verizon Corporate Learning & Training organisation invests hundreds of millions of dollars annually in initiatives to skill up employees and support their professional and leadership development, providing them with learning solutions that inspire, engage, and enable them with the knowledge and capabilities needed today and tomorrow to deliver great customer experiences, drive revenue, growth, and profitability, improve shareholder value, and contribute to society. Learn more about Verizon's corporate training initiatives using BlueJeans.

BlueJeans for Corporate Learning & Training delivers a productive learning environment in and out of live meetings. Q2 will see the introduction of Weather Person Mode and Additional Language Closed Captioning. Learn more about the BlueJeans For Corporate Learning and Training capabilities that are currently available.

Merge AudioVisual is BlueJeans' official partner in New Zealand. Merge AudioVisual can help improve your video conferencing needs. Our entire team is dedicated to delivering solutions for the modern workplace and ensuring that we have the ability to provide our customers with the best technological solutions at competitive prices to help grow your business.

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