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BlueJeans Receives Three Summer Best of Awards from TrustRadius

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

3 TrustRadius awards

It is an enormous honour for BlueJeans to receive three TrustRadius 2022 Summer Best of Awards. BlueJeans Events won for Best Feature Set and Best Relationship, and the firm won for Best Feature Set, Best Value for Money, and Best Relationship. Both BlueJeans Meetings and BlueJeans Events took home the prizes in the web and video conferencing category.

The fact that this accreditation is based on what customers have to say about BlueJeans products makes it much more significant.

According to TrustRadius' Megan Headley, VP of Research, "These awards are totally based on input from their consumers." She then states that "96% of BlueJeans Meetings reviewers say the product offers good value for the money, and 95% of reviewers said they were satisfied with the product's feature set and that it fulfils sales and marketing claims."

According to Headley, "all reviews for BlueJeans Events were delighted with the product's feature set, thought it offered good value for the money and agreed that it lived up to sales and marketing promises."

As more consumers rely on user ratings to make tech selections, the Summer Best of Awards seeks to assist them in finding the best software for their requirements.

A business must have received at least 10 reviews between January 1 and June 30, 2022, in order to be eligible for the awards. Additionally, winners have to rank among the top three in their category.

The 2022 TrustRadius Top Rated badges for web conferencing and live streaming software solutions were also won by BlueJeans earlier this year. The Top Rated Awards aim to increase openness among B2B software sellers and buyers of technology. This is the fifth consecutive year that BlueJeans Meetings has been a TrustRadius Top Rated solution, and the fourth for BlueJeans Events, as winners in both categories.

BlueJeans wants to express their gratitude to their consumers for their great ratings and reviews! Customer input is crucial since it is at the core of everything we do.

Here are some quotes from the TrustRadius reviews left by some clients:

“My team's ability to plan video calls is made possible by BlueJeans Meetings' fantastic and effective capabilities. Since we began interacting with our clients on this platform, my marketing team has seen an increase in sales. Physical trade conventions no longer require as much money or time to plan thanks to virtual meetings.” — Nancy Carlson, Marketing Director, THE ICONIC.

"Ever since I found BlueJeans Meetings, my experience has been fantastic. With this platform, we have nearly met all of our marketing and engagement goals. The ability to connect with individuals who are going through recovery following treatment has been a huge source of inspiration. Through video communications, distant patients can readily consult with our physicians and receive guidance.” — Christine Fowler, Recovery Specialist, Recovery Centers of America.

"The [BlueJeans Events] platform has served us incredibly well and met our needs during COVID-19," the company said. Since meeting space is limited on campus and staff and administrative schedules are extremely busy, we plan to continue using the platform and permanently switch some of our long-standing staff training from in-person to virtual." — Jaclyn Billek, Integration and Community Engagement Coordinator, University of Pennsylvania

"I use BlueJeans Events to do webinars for students, workshops, and presentations for bigger audiences. Due to COVID-19, many activities and programmes moved online. I found BlueJeans Events and its capabilities to be incredibly beneficial and simple for my kids to use. BlueJeans offers excellent performance and lightning-fast load speeds. The slides and graphics load with little to no lag at all." — Michael Brown, Program Manager, Georgia Institute of Technology.

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