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BlueJeans Studio: Empowering the creator economy

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

BlueJeans Studio, a new all-in-one event production platform that allows producers to quickly and economically produce gorgeous, professional-grade live streams, was unveiled by Verizon Business today. Brands can create TV-quality content that increases audience engagement and enriches the experience of any virtual event thanks to simple video feed mixing, personalised branding, and limitless streaming capabilities.

According to Chris Lewter, VP and GM of BlueJeans by Verizon, "Virtual events have become a fundamental part of every business strategy, whether that be for individual creators looking to build brand visibility or for enterprise teams working on communication, training, or lead generation initiatives." "BlueJeans Events is the best option to enable companies of all sizes to change their virtual events to really impress their audiences," says the company. "With the inclusion of Studio to give premium production services, paired with our leading event assist support team."

According to SignalFire, the COVID-19 epidemic has boosted the creative economy, with more than 50 million people now believing themselves to be creators globally. However, not all creators have access to the funding and equipment required to survive in the cutthroat market of today. The brand-new BlueJeans Studio gives BlueJeans Events' corporate and individual users—social influencers, producers, journalists, and marketers—the ability to create gorgeous, expert-caliber virtual events and live broadcasts without the need for prior production or technical knowledge. Creators can quickly and easily stage TV production-level events from the Studio producer dashboard, elevating their brand and broadening their audience while doing so.

According to Jonathan Gibson, executive vice president of marketing and business development at Penske Corporation, "As an industry leader in motorsports, Penske Entertainment (owner of the INDYCAR SERIES and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway) and Team Penske are always looking for ways to innovate and drive success throughout our corporate sponsorships." BlueJeans has been a crucial technology partner for us, enabling cross-functional collaboration and the development of a clear virtual events strategy. We were able to forge closer ties with partners and fans by utilising the BlueJeans platform to host the first-ever virtual drivers meeting on the Saturday before the Indy 500 and to deliver a successful Partner Summit. In the coming years, we're interested in how the platform will develop further to support our delivery of even better experiences and engagement.

The live stream or pre-recorded event can be embedded into a website in order to increase broadcast reach. Live streaming can also be done simultaneously to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, and other streaming platforms. BlueJeans Studio is the leading platform for live audience interaction for hybrid events, webinars and virtual trainings, on-air interviews, broadcasts, corporate all-hands, influencer events, and more. BlueJeans Studio's salient attributes include:

Lack of technological integration To enable anybody to organise, manage, and create amazing events without any technical or AV support, BlueJeans Studio is web-based and integrated into the Events platform.

No manufacturing experience is necessary. A few quick clicks produce stunning, interesting video streams.

Cost-effective: When compared to employing production and AV support to enhance any event's visual appeal, brands can save thousands of dollars. Event packages begin at $42 a month.

Send invitations, protect the event, gain post-event data, and save an unlimited amount of recording hours with an all-in-one event platform.

The best video quality, 1080p, improves the occasion and brand.

List other speakers: More presenters than any other event platform, with a maximum capacity of 150.

Unlimited event hosting is possible with monthly and annual plans, which eliminates the need to pay for each event separately.

Presenters can easily engage the audience with chat, Q&A, and polls in real-time and highlight audience comments and reactions on screen thanks to BlueJeans Studio, which brings the existing BlueJeans Events audience engagement tools and responses on screen. BlueJeans Studio requires no production or AV expertise to create professional-grade live streams or videos in 1080p. During the broadcast, producers can also share uploaded films, photos, and screen shares. Producers can use BlueJeans Event's registration tools for exclusive events.

Additionally, the ability to adjust the onscreen arrangement and add more presenters with a single click gives events a more professional appearance that mimics broadcasting from TV production. By employing personalised logos, backgrounds, and colours, ticker banners, name cards, lower third overlays, and other features, users can further enhance their brand and produce engaging material that can be recorded, modified, and shared repeatedly. BlueJeans Studio will be made accessible soon as a part of BlueJeans Events and will not require a separate membership for Events.

Learn how to make live streaming, virtual, and hybrid events pop with BlueJeans Studio.

Merge AudioVisual is the official partner of BlueJeans in New Zealand.

Contact Merge AudioVisual to have a preview of what BlueJeans Studio can do.

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