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Huge QSTECH 32:9 AIO LED Replaces Telepresence in French MTR

A 249″ all-in-one 32:9 LED display has been set up in an office that previously had a Polycom immersive telepresence system at a major corporation in France.

The installation occurred at the Paris office as part of a global contract granted to the French distributor AMF and Chinese manufacturer QSTECH. The size compatibility between the new LED display and the prior Polycom telepresence setup allowed for minimal adjustments. The installation was completed in just two days and included color calibration performed by a team in Shenzhen.

The LED display measures 6.11m x 1.83m with a thickness of 3cm. It is noteworthy for being the first 249″ all-in-one LED display from QSTECH in use in France and the first to be utilised with the Front Row layout in Microsoft Teams Rooms.

In a LinkedIn post, AMF sales director Vivien Caillette remarked, “For those familiar with it, a 32:9 Front Row layout doesn’t exist yet. However, thanks to the integrated cutout on our QSTECH AIOs, we can manage the screen as if it were divided into two. We split the screen into two sections, each with its own HDMI input, easily controlled with a remote. The user experiences seamless operation, and the visual output is excellent.”

If you want to know more about the product suite of QSTECH, reach out to Merge AudioVisual. Merge AudioVisual is the official partner of QSTECH in New Zealand.

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