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The Maxhub UC W21 is a powerful webcam that shoots videos in real 4K @30fps. It delivers a premium service that may be more expensive than other choices, but it gives outstanding value and benefits that make the investment worthwhile for both individuals and organisations.

Webcams are a difficult product to develop for gadget makers. Most laptop manufacturers now include a built-in webcam in their computers, which, although not ideal, does the job well. There are also smartphones to consider, as well as the myriad methods to use a smartphone as a webcam. So, where do legacy firms like Logitech and Maxhub, which have been producing webcams and other devices for years, go? In the direction of the corporate market.

These firms' "business webcams" or more expensive webcams provide a nifty feature set that makes some of their solutions the finest in the market, something that no integrated camera can ever equal. But how does the Maxhub UC W21 do among the professional league, and business webcams?

Important Specs

The Sony 1/2.8" sensor in the Maxhub UC W21 can take movies at up to 30 frames per second at a resolution of 3840X2160. In terms of megapixels, we're looking at around 8.5MP. The advantage is that there is no cropping to contend with, so you may use the complete sensor. So, that's a true 4K recording, with none of the upscaling tricks seen on most webcams. It features a fixed focus lens that is locked in at around 1.5 metres and a field of vision of approximately 120 degrees or approximately 2.26mm at an aperture of f1.8.

You receive two microphones with a range of 4 metres that clear out the ambient noise a little. The UC W21 has a USB-C connector and a detachable cable for connectivity.

Construction Quality

The Maxhub UC W21 is without a doubt one of the best-built cameras I've ever seen. The camera enclosure is well-made. What I particularly like about the UC W21 is that it has a detachable cable that is roughly 1.5 metres long. Nevertheless, given that this camera will almost certainly be installed on a TV in a boardroom, we believe it would have been preferable if it came with a longer connection.

Now, on to the mount. The clasp is built in such a manner that you can simply place the camera on the top bezel or edge of a screen and secure it with the flap. Because the item weighs around 200 grams, we don't advocate putting it on a laptop with a faulty screen hinge.

The webcam's base also contains a 14-inch connector, allowing you to firmly attach it with a tripod or anything similar.


The UC W21 functions admirably as a webcam. The video it makes is razor-sharp, but there is some type of smoothening filter that has been pre-applied and does not appear excessive. It also records videos in HDR, which is a bonus.

Installation is simple; simply connect the camera to the cable, attach it to your conference room TV, desktop, or laptop, then connect the other end of the wire to your PC, and you're ready to go.

You don't have to rummage around in an app altering or modifying numerous settings to obtain the greatest image quality - it does what you want it to right away. It also supports all of your favourite video conferencing applications and retains all of their functionality.

It also worked nicely with OBS, which is something that cannot be stated for many cameras. We'd go so far as to say that if you want to start streaming on a budget, the UC W21 is an excellent place to start if you want superb video quality without having to spend a fortune on a high-end camera and a capture card.

The video quality is crisp and notably better than most built-in webcams found on laptops across platforms and applications. The output from the camera is quite nice. The colours are vivid and well-saturated, even if they are not perfectly precise. In short, they don't appear washed-up.

Even in low-light environments, it functioned admirably. We didn't have to cope with blurry footage thanks to the UC W21's Digital Noise Reduction algorithms.

A group video conference on a large-screen TV was pretty fun since it would be the most realistic scenario in which such a camera could be used. The mics were also quite excellent at picking up sound from approximately 10 feet away without needing to elevate your voice above average.


Overall, the Maxhub W21 Business Webcam is an excellent choice for all of your video conferencing requirements. With 4K recording at 30fps and HDR, you can anticipate spectacular image quality and crystal-clear video that will put you in the same room as your colleagues, no matter where you are. The huge field of vision is ideal for accommodating bigger groups, ensuring that everyone can be seen and heard during meetings. Another useful feature is auto-framing, which automatically adjusts the frame to maintain the attention of the speaker without the need for human modifications. Our camera is also practical and simple to use, thanks to its detachable cord that connects to a USB-C connection, and it integrates effortlessly with most video-calling programmes as well as OBS.

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