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Merge AudioVisual solutions for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions

The office of the future is hybrid.

So is your next meeting, event, conference or exhibition?

Humans have undergone a fundamental change in how they communicate, collaborate and connect since the pandemic.

The use of new digital technology, tools, and platforms has changed how they do that.

Video Conferencing, live streaming, event broadcasts, studio production tools, touch screen panels, cinematic quality presentations, wireless connectivity, LED Digital displays, global interactive participants, digital signage in reception or meeting areas, and digital screens managed from the digital lectern on stage have ensured the way events and conferences will be run, has changed dramatically.

New technology options available to businesses will create new demands for the MICE sector.

Since the pandemic manufacturers and vendors have quickly launched a new generation of technology to meet the new human behaviour and customer demands.

Meeting technologies now play a significant part in how an organisation manages and conducts business. This also extends to domestic and international events and conferences.

The Smart Digital Lectern is at the centre of that, alongside new Video Conferencing platforms with improved security protocols.

Paul Butterworth, Managing Director of Merge Communications based in Wellington said "we have an exciting opportunity to work with the Hotel industry to provide the technology demanded by their clients to facilitate world-class events and conferences. This can come in multiple forms such as the Maxhub Smart Digital Lectern, Bluejeans the next generation of secure Video conferencing and event software, and the Bluejeans studio bringing powerful production tools with the ability to easily create stunning, TV-quality live streams that can engage your audience and elevate your brand.”

He continued "our new range of digital meeting technologies opens up the world for any NZ business and a core locational use of that technology is in Hotels.”

Implementing MICE customised technology services into a hotel infrastructure is a way of securing long term valuable growth and market share.

The latest Convention Industry Council report claimed that 85% of meetings in the U.S. are conducted at venues with lodging, generating more than 275 million room nights annually. The expenditure of MICE travellers is much higher than leisure travelers


According to Cvent, depending on a hotel’s set-up, MICE can generate over 50% of a property’s revenue. If you are in this space it is not to be ignored. With new convention centres set to open in Wellington and Christchurch, this sector is positioned for exciting growth.

In the past, most of these event types were held in person. In recent years, the trend of moving smaller gatherings to virtual spaces was on the rise. However, demand for hybrid and virtual events have skyrocketed due to COVID-19, impacting the MICE industry. 

Since the pandemic began, MICE and Event planners have become more technological and virtually oriented. Not only will in-person events incorporate a virtual element, but you will also need to consider technologies that reduce face-to-face contact and increase guest safety.

Virtual and in-person are about to meet in the middle. Before the pandemic, hybrid events were a way to increase reach and bring attendees together from all over the world. In a Post Pandemic world, this sort of event is set to become all the more critical.

With the emergence of 5G and other technologies, your digital infrastructure needs to be top-of-the-line, robust and able to adapt to customer requirements. Video Conferencing platforms like Bluejeans from Verizon can have up to 150,000 delegates participating in an event. This requires screens, microphones, cameras and an entire range of technology options.

Mr. Butterworth said “we are lucky that our Partners like MAXHUB, Bluejeans by Verizon and Video Window are world leaders and have pioneered these new solutions worldwide. You will see this technology in use at a MICE hosting hotel near you soon.”

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