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Merge AudioVisual launching the MAXHUB V6 Series in New Zealand market

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

The tools that organisations employ to improve the calibre of their communications have grown in significance and relevance as the nature of work continues to change. These tools improve collaboration beyond the norm by enhancing the intelligence and effectiveness of communications.

The project-based workplace environment necessitates greater departmental and team cooperation. Additionally, with the prevalence of remote and hybrid work, top-notch video conferencing enabled by top-tier unified communication (UC) solutions is a requirement for internal discussions as well as contacts with clients and customers.

The interactive flat panel (IFP) has already established itself as a crucial tool for video conferencing. The muscle underlying efficient, natural communication, this strong tool gives your company the freedom to collaborate like never before. Your IFP, which is a vital member of your team and is outfitted with cutting-edge hardware and software, offers a comprehensive solution that makes teamwork successful.

Meet the MAXHUB V6 Series

The revolutionary, next-generation successor to MAXHUB's market-leading V5 Series is prepared to engulf the globe. The V6 Series uses cutting-edge technology in a chic, sophisticated style that fits perfectly with any modern workplace setting. Users can experience world-class video conferencing, screen sharing, and collaboration thanks to robust features.

To create a panel that succeeds as a business solution, we have pushed the limits of technical ingenuity. As the V6 redefines contemporary IFP technology, take advantage of limitless creative freedom, effective teamwork, and maximum productivity.

The V6 Series, which comes in 3 models and completely satisfies Web 3.0 requirements, includes:

The MAXHUB V6 Classic Series has been created with daily office collaboration in mind, setting a new benchmark for effective meetings. The C series guarantees effective meetings every time, whether they are held in start-ups or large multinational corporations.

The MAXHUB V6 ViewPro Series offers a cutting-edge video-conferencing experience and is supported by strong audiovisual technologies. Access to immersive, cross-space collaboration that implies business is now available to professional groups.

The MAXHUB V6 Transcend Series* tackles every challenge with an innovative solution, making it perfect for crucial meetings, hosting VIPs, and discussing sensitive material. It is a technological marvel that exhibits the highest levels of efficiency and is an aesthetic gem. The T series is the pinnacle of expert excellence. *The T Series is about to launch.

Important Technological Advances

For various and complicated companies, the MAXHUB V6 Series is effective. Our panels are designed to accommodate every co-creation situation and come with cutting-edge hardware and potent data processing capability for a performance that is always of the highest calibre.

The V6 Series introduces significant technology advancements that raise the bar for the UC market.

Screen-to-Body Ratio of 95%

The T Series sports a screen ratio of 95.2% and a world-first full-screen design with an ultra-narrow, 11mm bezel. Now that you have more visual play area, you can be more inventive, deepen team engagement, and collaborate better. This high-tech, professional equipment fits in with prestigious corporate settings.

Twin-Camera Architecture

The dual camera design included in the V and T Series allows for natural, intuitive conversation that is just like speaking to someone in person. In order to provide flawless speaker-tracking and crystal-clear imagery, a 48MP, ultra-wide-angle camera is paired with a 3X optical zoom, 8MP camera. This brings back the human connection even in big conference rooms where attendees may have previously felt excluded.

The V6 Series' Gleaming Display, Pure Genius

People now collaborate by watching their team perform their magic and watching their visuals come to life on a professional-grade, 4K, ultra-high-definition display. As teams come together across boardroom tables or oceans, creative concepts come to life in real time.

The IFPs' 90% NTSC colour gamut and E2 colour accuracy ensure vibrant, realistic images that meet the high standards of experts in the creative business. Additionally, users can quickly modify the screen effects to better suit the displayed content for a more pleasurable viewing experience.

Leading-Drawer Camera

A 48MP, ultra-wide-angle camera is included in the V6 series, which offers sharp, high-resolution images. Every meeting participant is visible thanks to a 25% increase in photosensitive area and a 37.3% increase in field of view. Its auto-framing function aids in obtaining the ideal angle, ensuring that no one is left out. Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology also ensures that high-end image fidelity is maintained despite any lighting restrictions in your workspace.

Sound Scintillating

With 8-array microphones and 2° ultra-precise voice source localisation, which helps keep the attention on the speaker, ensure crystal-clear sound clarity. While precise, uninterrupted, and intuitive conversations are ensured by AI voice-tracking combined with AI noise-reduction technology. The series' seam speakers offer better directed sound for immersive video conferencing that will keep conference attendees engaged and prepared to contribute to the dialogue.

No-Hiccup Screen-Sharing

Step into the future as the V6 makes ungainly plugs and cords a thing of the past, bringing meeting efficiency to the modern workplace. With the help of the MAXHUB Share software, you can easily collaborate on project planning and issue solving while concurrently screen-sharing wirelessly from up to 4 devices at once without sacrificing any of the panel's 4K quality. We've also given you more versatility; you may now handle the panel from your own device while seated or directly control your presentations on the IFP.

Simplified Access

Users can quickly get the V6 up and running and prepared for usage thanks to the fully improved MAXHUB OS 6.0 system. With the MAXHUB Dongle, its user-friendly interface makes it simple to "wake up" and connect remotely, and the OS makes it simple to access whiteboarding, video-conferencing, and wireless projection apps. Users can customise the configurable homepage with regularly used apps, eye-catching wallpaper, or your company branding for a more specialised experience.

Make an Energy-Wise Decision

Both the MAXHUB V6 ViewPro and Transcend series have received international Energy Star Certification, assisting businesses that are committed to the future in preserving the environment and cutting costs.

With a powerful IFP supported by cutting-edge technology and guaranteed to help your organisation survive in the new world of work, the MAXHUB V6 Series is outperforming its closest rivals. Utilise this cutting-edge, all-encompassing UC solution to enhance your business communications.

With the MAXHUB V6 Series, go beyond collaboration and future-proof your company for limitless success!

MAXHUB V6 Series is one of the many meeting technologies offered by Merge Communications that will give your company the answers it needs to stay competitive and oversee your global interactions.

Merge Communications’ complete focus is to provide the latest digital technologies that allows businesses to operate efficiently, profitably and professionally.

Merge Communications has an excellent reputation for helping New Zealand businesses keep communicating by using different range of digital technologies.

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