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In today's digital age, video conferencing has become essential. Team collaboration is crucial, often without the guarantee that all members will share the same physical meeting space. Fortunately, with MAXHUB’s advanced IFP (interactive flat panel) technology, you can enhance your Bring-Your-Own-Meeting (BYOM) setups, offering a powerful and user-friendly solution to elevate your meetings, conferences, and even classroom learning.

BYOM Solutions

What is BYOM?

Bring-Your-Own-Meeting allows users to seamlessly join or host any video conferencing session directly from their own familiar devices, even across different meeting spaces and virtually, such as with Microsoft Teams. No longer are you restricted to shared video conferencing equipment you're unfamiliar with. Host the meeting from your own device while leveraging powerful audiovisual (A/V) equipment for an optimal attendee experience. Connect via a hardware USB dongle to your laptop or use the software solution with just one click to enable BYOM on your preferred video conferencing platform. With MAXHUB IFP, elevate your visuals and enjoy conferencing as it was meant to be.

Introducing the MAXHUB Interactive Flat Panel (IFP) ViewPro Series

Enhance interaction and maintain focus in a corporate setting with the ViewPro Series. Featuring a sleek all-in-one design, intelligent dual-camera, advanced audio processing, integrated microphone, 40 W 2.1 channel speaker, and a fully interactive whiteboard function, all powered by an intuitive meeting launcher, the ViewPro Series is a comprehensive collaboration hub ready to meet your BYOM needs.

The ViewPro series utilises a robust 100% Windows-based IFPD and responsive touchscreen controls, ideal for corporate environments with easy software compatibility and interoperability. Experience vivid 4K, high-contrast visuals with an anti-glare coating and professional-grade colour accuracy. Share screens wirelessly through the MAXHUB share app, wireless dongle, or standard solutions like Chromecast, MiraCast, and AirPlay. The slot-in PC module operates screen share and whiteboard software, eliminating the need for extensive component installation – it’s ready when you are.

The dual camera offers both panoramic (wide) and 3x optical zoom (distance) lenses, with intelligent AI for auto-framing and speaker tracking. AI-denoise, echo-cancellation algorithms, and auto-gain control ensure consistent voice volume and superior audio regardless of your position in the room. With a 12-metre radius, the 8-array beamforming microphone is industry-leading. Integrate the room resource mailbox of IFP into the meeting invitation for one-click meeting launches with the MAXHUB Smart Meeting OS.

This innovative collaboration solution is perfect for an enhanced BYOM environment. And for additional BYOM power, explore the exciting range of extra BYOM meeting solutions from MAXHUB!

How MAXHUB IFP and BYOM Will Revolutionise Your Collaborations

With the MAXHUB IFP simplifying the BYOM experience, you have a comprehensive hardware solution ideal for:

  • Hybrid Work Environments: Seamlessly transition using the same devices and familiar software, no matter where you host or join from.

  • Global Teams: Enjoy hassle-free and easy-to-use connectivity, making BYOM perfect for international and multi-location collaboration.

  • Shared Working: Overcome the challenges of hosting in shared meeting spaces with a powerful, simple BYOM solution, enabling different teams to use the same space without issues.

  • External Collaboration: Host clients and external parties effortlessly without requiring them to create new accounts or adapt to unfamiliar technology.

  • Education: BYOM holds immense potential for educational settings, allowing educators and students to connect easily with the all-in-one power of the MAXHUB IFP.

The MAXHUB ViewPro IFP is an integrated, powerful A/V device requiring no extra peripherals. However, MAXHUB also offers additional exciting BYOM solutions for you to explore. With MAXHUB’s robust technical solutions, a simple interface, and a plug-and-play setup, you’ll be ready to present professionally within minutes.

Explore the MAXHUB IFP Difference

With the MAXHUB IFP powering your BYOM experience, you can:

  • Experience superior A/V conferencing with excellent sound and visual quality, accessible by any participant.

  • Simplify conference system connectivity deployment, reduce wired infrastructure constraints for easy wireless sharing, and lower the need for extensive IT support.

  • Ensure confidential data is securely handled on authorised devices, reducing the risk of data leakage compared to public conferencing storage.

  • Share screens and annotations effortlessly, making collaborative analysis and sharing straightforward.

  • Minimise complications from users unfamiliar with public meeting systems and reduce the need to maintain and operate various devices, platforms, and software.

  • Benefit from an all-in-one display hardware option, boosting ROI on your infrastructure investment.

MAXHUB: Your One-Stop BYOM Solution Provider

The result? A professional meeting experience that’s easy, flexible, simple, and fully interactive, with underlying data security and cost-effectiveness. Your MAXHUB IFP experience is an all-in-one unit ready to work for you. Additionally, MAXHUB offers further BYOM solutions to meet any need, including a fully compatible commercial display, an integrated videobar, or sharing box technology with UC peripherals.

The MAXHUB BYOM Box (WB05) is a stellar alternative, serving as a core BYOM processor to which external A/V peripherals can connect. Use any video conferencing software from your laptop and dynamically control the existing in-room BYOM-enabled conferencing infrastructure wirelessly, all operating seamlessly as one broader ecosystem. Select only the peripherals you need to enhance your presentation. Make the most of your professional-grade A/V setup without the pitfalls of unfamiliarity.

For in-room display capabilities without an A/V device, the UC S15 videobar offers a powerful and integrated BYOM solution with built-in A/V capabilities and HDMI output. Alternatively, use the MAXHUB BYOM-enabled commercial display and UC peripherals for a budget-friendly, instant conferencing solution in a no-touch setting.

No matter your BYOM needs, MAXHUB offers one-stop solutions perfectly tailored to your requirements. BYOM is set to revolutionise collaboration. With the all-in-one MAXHUB IFP hardware and a range of other solutions for a simple, powerful plug-and-play experience, a flexible and collaborative future is within reach.

Are you ready to empower your meetings with MAXHUB’s cutting-edge BYOM solutions? Contact Merge AudioVisual today.

Merge AudioVisual is the official partner of Maxhub in New Zealand.

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