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The advanced Microsoft Teams Rooms - MAXHUB XCore Kit


Transforming BYOD scenarios into intelligent meeting spaces is effortless with the advanced Microsoft Teams Rooms - MAXHUB XCore Kit. This solution aids organisations in transitioning seamlessly to Microsoft Teams Rooms smart spaces within BYOD setups, enhancing Teams-native audio and video experiences while being mindful of cost considerations. The XCore Kit acts as a comprehensive device solution, promoting collaboration across various scenarios.

MAXHUB facilitates multi-scene collaboration through robust kits integrating audio, video, and a range of display sizes. This approach minimises costs associated with communication, management, and usage at different stages, from procurement and installation to utilisation and post-maintenance.

Organisations of all levels can boost efficiency and productivity with MAXHUB's versatile ecosystem. This ecosystem, grounded in robust capabilities and professional expertise, aims to elevate the meeting experience. It includes diverse audio equipment, audiovisual integration devices, and expansion tools, ensuring consistent compatibility and synchronisation across MAXHUB's product range. This cohesive ecosystem simplifies meeting room setups.


Bundle A: MAXHUB XCore Kit — Empowering BYOD to Transition to Microsoft Teams Rooms Smart Space

Elevate your meeting space with the MAXHUB XCore Kit for Microsoft Teams. This competitively priced solution includes a Windows-based compute and console, enabling a full Microsoft Teams Rooms experience at the cost typically budgeted for a BYOD room. Featuring a powerful 12th Gen Intel® Core™ Processor and a high-resolution 10.1-inch Teams Rooms console with a motion sensor, this kit delivers exceptional performance and an immersive user experience.

Bundle B: MAXHUB XT10-WS Kit — A Flexible Microsoft Teams Rooms Solution for Enhanced User Experience

Expanding on the XCore Kit, the MAXHUB XT10-WS Kit incorporates a high-quality speakerphone and a USB camera for dynamic audio and video needs. This bundle ensures a flexible and seamless collaboration experience, enhancing the user's overall meeting room experience.

Bundle C: MAXHUB XT10-VB Kit — A Simplified Microsoft Teams Rooms Deployment Solution

Building upon the XCore Kit, the MAXHUB XT10-VB Kit introduces the MAXHUB UC S07 integrated videobar. This versatile bundle, designed for simplified frontline one-cable deployment and remarkable expandability, is easy to deploy in any room with an existing display, streamlining the Microsoft Teams Rooms deployment process.

To learn more about MAXHUB XT SERIES FOR MICROSOFT TEAMS ROOMS, contact Merge AudioVisual today. Merge AudioVisual is the official partner of MAXHUB in New Zealand.

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