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PC Pro suggests MAXHUB UC S10 as the ideal solution for SMBs

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

MAXHUB UC S10 Video conferencing bar

With a core readership of IT professionals, PC Pro Magazine is a top newspaper in the UK that examines all of the most recent technological advancements.

Recent updates to their Video Conferencing System Buyer's Guide include an evaluation of the MAXHUB UC S10. To receive 5/5 stars and the PC PRO RECOMMENDED Award for the UC S10 is an enormous honor. What they stated is as follows:

"The UC S10 is among the most adaptable VC bars available. It may operate as an Android-based conferencing system that is completely autonomous or connected to a host PC through USB. Additionally, it provides wireless screen-sharing for up to four people at once and has the ability to act as a wifi hotspot in a meeting space.”

The staff at PC Pro were delighted by the UC S10 solution's user interface and simplicity, noting that it provided:

Nice, simple icons for starting the Chrome browser, looking at local storage, changing system settings, updating firmware, and, of course, starting a variety of conferencing programs.

The video bar's ability to support numerous platforms was also commended in the evaluation. However, most corporate communications systems are covered when you take into account that they include Cisco WebEx Meet, Microsoft Teams, RingCentral MVP, Skype, and Skype for Business.

The assessment emphasizes how simple it is to connect the MAXHUB device while evaluating the MAXHUB UC S10's compatibility with certain apps.

The UC S10 is as easy to use on a daily basis as you could possibly imagine; all you have to do is pick your app, log in, and start your meeting.

The evaluation team was pleased to see that distant meeting participants commended the "crisp image and excellent sound quality from the mic array" when it came to hybrid meetings.

The team at PC Pro found that it only took the UC S10 two seconds to zoom in on the speaker and then effortlessly follow up with them as they moved about the room, making auto-tracking one of the primary features of the MAXHUB UC S10.

The crew commented on how well-liked the screen-sharing tool was.

"We used the in-room screen-sharing feature of the local VC App to present to every meeting attendee with no issues getting Windows and iPad screens to appear side by side on our room's monitor."

In conclusion, PC Pro suggests MAXHUB UC S10 for SMB workplaces since it is perfect for small conference rooms and cluster areas.

The review team's own concluding remarks are as follows:

“Great video and audio quality, excellent speaker tracking, and compatibility for many well-liked cloud video conferencing applications are all features of the MAXHUB UC S10, which may be used as a linked or independent solution.”

The MAXHUB brand in New Zealand is being carried by Merge AudioVisual.

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