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Why Video Conferencing is Easier with All-in-One Displays

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

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The office setting has changed significantly over the past two years, with remote and hybrid work becoming standard practises. Leaders, supervisors, and employees who can work remotely all favour a hybrid environment, according to a Gallup survey performed since the start of the Covid-19 outbreak.

The global video conferencing market is expanding rapidly as businesses adopt this new way of working. Is your business undergoing an adaptation process? With all-in-one displays, we provide a few key suggestions for more productive video conferencing.

Massive Market Growth for Video Conferencing

The market for video conferencing is expanding rapidly; it is predicted to reach $9.43 billion in 2026 after reaching $6.03 billion in 2021. As the 5G network continues to spread, more growth rate is expected for virtual conferencing systems. By 2025, 65 percent of the world's population will have access to 5G, predicts Ericsson.

However, many users have found video conferencing difficult over the past few years. For instance, numerous teams have wasted valuable time because of connectivity problems, unsuitable technologies, and inadequately flexible systems. These difficulties have resulted in discouraging meetings, poor output, and—worst of all—missed chances.

All of these problems are resolved by the newest all-in-one conferencing screens, which also increase team collaboration and productivity. The newest cutting-edge solutions also guarantee team members a high-quality audio-visual conferencing experience, making it simpler for them to hear and see each other clearly.

All-in-One Conferencing Displays: What Are They?

The numerous pieces of professional video conferencing equipment you may have previously required are combined into one complete solution by all-in-one displays. They may serve as computers, projectors, whiteboards, billboards, and more. The most recent systems also eliminate the need for unsightly external connections to travel across your meeting room because they already have built-in speakers, cameras, and microphones.

Let's examine some of the advantages in more detail:

1. Improvement of Human Connection

Thanks to technological advancements, we can now work remotely and communicate easily. However, technology has also made some of us feel lonely and yearn for human connection and face-to-face interaction once more. When establishing the social ties that support corporate culture in a hybrid workplace, voice calls, chat, and email are just insufficient.

All-in-one video displays provide a practical remedy in this situation. They provide distant workers with the crisp visual and acoustic clarity needed to reignite broken relationships. It almost seems as though everyone is once again occupying the same location with the right technology. The most recent internet collaboration technologies also lessen confusion.

2. Increased Productivity

Platforms for virtual conferences increase productivity and hasten decision-making for businesses while also saving time and money on travel. Increased productivity and efficiency were cited as the main advantages of using video conferencing systems by 94% of survey respondents worldwide.

This is made possible by a number of features:

- For instance, quick wireless screen sharing eliminates the need to wait while trying to link the proper cables to the proper ports and hoping they will function.

- Total host control helps keep conferences, webinars, and meetings on schedule and minimises interruptions. The host has control over who is invited to share their screen and appear on camera.

- Whiteboarding can be accessible during a brainstorming session by just scanning a QR code, enabling the free exchange of ideas.

These are just a handful of the features that could greatly increase the productivity and creativity of your company.

3. Better Interaction

The ability to share screens wirelessly also improves teamwork. Anyone participating in a meeting, whether in person or virtually, can readily offer their thoughts using their own devices. This feature encourages conversation and makes brainstorming sessions more engaging.

Another function that facilitates fluid cooperation is whiteboard synchronisation. In annotation mode, everyone has simultaneous real-time access to the same data, ensuring that everyone stays on the same page during the meeting.

In the past, remote workers could have felt excluded from office meetings because they had trouble hearing everyone. However, no one should feel excluded from the discourse thanks to the most recent microphone technology, which can now detect voices much farther away.

4. Enhanced Flexibility

Modern all-in-one screens can be used in a variety of scenarios thanks to their versatility. Modern video conferencing systems can instantly adjust to your needs, whether you're hosting a sizable group of attendees during an event or a one-on-one meeting with a distant colleague.

You are also not constrained by a specific venue size if you choose the correct professional video conferencing equipment partner. These displays are flexible and adapt to your surroundings, whether it be the broad areas of your open-plan workplace or the much smaller huddle rooms ideal for small team meetings.

5. Take Advantage of Rich, Interactive Media

With the help of today's cutting-edge conferencing displays, you and your team members may hold meetings that are jam-packed with media. You may share video, audio, charts, GIFs, infographics, and more in fine detail thanks to cross-platform compatibility.

Active team participation and limitless imagination are both required for a meeting to be effective. With interactive media, you can captivate your audience right away, inspiring them to participate in and pay attention to your presentation.

Advice on Video Conferencing in Different Situations

The best virtual conferencing tools can enhance your expected results by adapting to different circumstances. For instance, in a hybrid environment, an effective solution can improve team engagement and cooperation while increasing productivity. In actual meetings, they also assist the presenter in controlling the audience with an eye-catching display.

Video conferencing screens are also very helpful during webinars since they make it simple for you to engage and converse with your audience. In client meetings where you require excellent visual and audio clarity to showcase your goods or services, all-in-one solutions are ideal. Important instances of when you should employ their adaptability as multi-user platforms include internal training, interviews, and brainstorming sessions.

For today's hybrid workplace, all-in-one conferencing displays are the ideal answer. They promote collaboration, increase productivity, and save time, which facilitates quicker decision-making and better innovation.

To improve your video conferencing experiences, Merge AudioVisual is here to help. Merge AudioVisual is the official partner of BlueJeans and Maxhub in New Zealand. Merge AudioVisual take satisfaction in constantly working to help businesses adapt to the quick-paced world of virtual communication.

Call Merge AudioVisual today!

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