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Quicklaunch Versions



* Includes 1/2/3 Year Annual Maintenance and Support ​

Start Collaboration Applications

4 Customizable Action Groups

Launch Desktop & Cloud  Applications 

Launch URL’s, Email and Files ​

Access One Drive, Box, Dropbox and more

Dual Displays

Multiple Themes 

Custom Branding and Colors

Designer Mode

Custom Logos

Icon Library with Icon Trace

Themes in Tabbed Mode

Camera Control

Apps View

Dynamic, Flat and Pinnable ​

Tabbed or Classic Flat Interface​​

Window Controls​​

SVG Icons, Apps View, ​

Volume , Mic Control Pop Out ​

Settings Export/Import

LockDown Mode ​

Basic ScreenSaver​

Advanced Theme Settings (Flat and Tabbed views)​

USB touch monitor automatic restart​

HDMI Wired Screen Sharing*​

   (requires capture device purchased separately)​

Wireless Screen Sharing Integration​

  MS Connect​

  Hardware Based Options with USB/HDMI​

  3rd Party Software Options​

Customizable System Monitoring​

Configuration Wizard​

Imports/Export Configurations ​

Room Reset​

   Delete Documents Folder, ​

   Delete Desktop Items,​

   Delete Downloads​

Lock Down Mode​

Windows 10​

System Monitors​

MSI Installer​

Weav wireless sharing app



* Includes 1/2/3 Year Annual Maintenance and Support ​


Everything in Standard Edition Plus…​

Calendar Integration (Exchange/Google)​

Zoom integration

Gmail Integration​

Exchange Only Calendar Integration​

One Click  to Join Meetings​

    30+ Meeting Providers….​

Meet Now (Teams, Zoom, S4B, Google Meet)​

Calendar View​

   Show Meeting Details​

   Picture Support​


Meeting Timer​

Extend Meetings​

Meeting Extend Overlap​

Reset on Meeting End​

Meeting End Notifications 

System Policies 

Message Adapter RS232/IP Controls 

Display Rules for software Actions and web browser windows​

3 Action Groups​

OneNote Custom Integration​

Buttons in Tabbed Mode​

Enhanced Screen Saver



* Includes 1/2/3 Year Annual Maintenance and Support ​


Everything in Standard Edition and Professional Edition  Plus…​

Zoom SSO Login​

Calendar View​

   Book Now​

   Group Email​

   Add Participants​

   Join Meeting Constraints​

   Send Meeting Zip Files​

Calendar View Constraint​
Join Meeting Constraint​

Reporting for Meeting Check-in and System Check-in​

Change User​

Room Reset ​

    Custom Pre/Post Reset Batch Files​

Broadcast Message​

Change User​

RS232/IP Controls​

Meeting Manager​

System Check-in​

Meeting Check-in​

Biamp Dialer​

System Events​

Message Broadcast​

New - QL Remote Control​

New – Voice Command​

New – Digital Signage​

New – Quicklaunch API​

Quicklaunch is a simple and secure meeting room service that provides multi-platform integration to transform any meeting room system into a one click meeting space.

Quicklaunch addresses all-too-common meeting room startup challenges.

Starting online meetings can take several minutes of meeting time due to the many things that can prevent the meeting from starting promptly whether is it the lack of education on the people side or the technology in use. The lack of a standard easy to use interface makes it challenging for users to click to join meetings and get started straight away.

Quicklaunch will appeal to organisations with meetings rooms, huddle spaces, board and conference rooms who are looking to simplify and standardise the user interface for rapid launch of any meeting room type, start applications, launch web sites, access data and content and share device screens with the intent to save time starting the meeting and reduce support costs.

Key features include:

  • One touch meeting join for all popular meeting and videoconference services including Teams, Zoom, Bluejeans, Webex, Google Meet and more

  • Customised single touch application start, website launch, data and content access, and device content sharing

  • Lockdown mode

  • Room reset clears cache, temporary files, and other miscellaneous meeting content

  • Customizable interface to meet each customer’s specific needs, including company logo and customised tiles to launch meetings and specific applications

Quicklaunch V4.8NZ
Quicklaunch V4.8NZ
Quicklaunch V4.8NZ
Meeting Room

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