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MAXHUB Breaks the Mold Unveiling Affordable NTR in Collaboration with Microsoft Teams Rooms

Microsoft Teams Rooms

Merge Audio Visual, Wellington's leading audiovisual solutions distributor, is thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration between Microsoft Teams Rooms and MAXHUB XT Series. Along with Merge Audio Visuals non-NTR product line, the MAXHUB XT Series will revolutionize Teams Rooms on Windows compute and console and bring the most competitive price point for NTRs into the marketplace. For the first time, MAXHUB introduces an NTR (Non-Traditional Rooms) that is a third less than its nearest competitor, offering affordability without compromising performance.

This innovative hardware partnership not only guarantees uncompromised quality but also introduces an unbeatable price point, making it the go-to choice for businesses eager to elevate their collaboration spaces affordably. Navigating the Microsoft Teams landscape has never been smoother, thanks to MAXHUB's groundbreaking solutions.

Breaking the mould of conventional pricing with its first sub-$1000 USD NTR, against all other previous $2000 NTRs, MAXHUB presents competitively priced full kits for Teams Rooms. Starting with the MAXHUB XCore Kit, featuring a 12th Gen Intel CoreTM Processor and a 10.1-inch Teams Rooms touch console, businesses now have an affordable entry point for upgrading their meeting environments without compromising on quality.

MAXHUB XCore Kit - Transform your meeting environment with the MAXHUB XCore Kit for Microsoft Teams Rooms, an affordably priced solution crafted with a Windows compute and console. This exceptional kit features a robust Intel 12th Gen 10-Core i3-1220P processor, ensuring outstanding performance. The high-resolution 10.1-inch Teams Rooms console, equipped with a motion sensor, enhances user experience with its intuitive and immersive interface.

MAXHUB XT10-VB Kit - The MAXHUB XT10-VB Kit incorporates a Videobar. Engineered for straightforward front-line deployment with a single cable and impressive scalability. This enhancement elevates Teams-native audio and video experiences.

MAXHUB XT10-WS - The MAXHUB XT10-WS Kit integrates a premium Speakerphone and USB Camera, offering a comprehensive solution for audio and video requirements. This not only enhances Teams-native audio and video experiences but also considers cost-balance requirements specific to the XT10-WS Kit model.

Merge Audio Visual, a partner of MAXHUB in New Zealand is excited to bring these revolutionary products to businesses across the region. As a trusted audiovisual solutions distributor, Merge Audio Visual is committed to delivering top-quality technology that meets the evolving needs of modern workplaces.

"We are thrilled to hear that MAXHUB is a  hardware partner for Microsoft Teams Rooms," said Paul Butterworth, Director of Merge Audio Visual. "The MAXHUB XT Series exemplifies the perfect fusion of uncompromised quality and unbeatable price, providing businesses with a cost-effective yet powerful solution for enhancing their collaboration spaces." 

For more information about the MAXHUB XT Series for Microsoft Teams Rooms and how it can transform your meeting spaces, please get in touch with Merge Audio Visual, an official distributor of MAXHUB products in New Zealand.

About Merge Audio Visual

Merge Audio Visual is a leading audiovisual and communication solutions distributor based in Wellington, dedicated to delivering innovative and reliable technology solutions for modern workplaces. The company is committed to providing businesses with cutting-edge audiovisual products that enhance collaboration and communication.

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