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MAXHUB Delivers Dynamic Visual Impact at VFW Sports Arena

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Raptor Series 220-inch diagonal display elicits high energy at Bismarck Bobcats games

Bismarck, ND – October 2022… As an ice hockey team in the North American Hockey League's Central Division, the Bismarck Bobcats are the local sports heroes. Their arena, which is also known as the VFW Sports Center, is also home to a multitude of recreation activities, including figure skating and public skating. To enhance the fans' experience, ownership sought to improve the arena's display capabilities. After careful evaluation, they accomplished their goal by installing a 220-inch diagonal integrated LED wall display from the Raptor Series by MAXHUB.

Ice hockey rink

Thom Brigl, owner of the Bismarck Bobcats, discussed the project, "The arena is an NHL sized ice sheet and multi-purpose facility. The venue has a capacity of approximately 1,500 people, with seats on both sides of the ice rink. While there are certainly larger arenas, VFW Sports Arena's size creates an intimate and, at times, crazy atmosphere. We wanted to dramatically improve the visual capabilities in this space and, after consulting with AVI Systems of Bismarck, ND, we decided the MAXHUB Raptor 220 Series display was an excellent choice."

The MAXHUB Raptor Series display is located on an end wall behind the net. In terms of content, this video display is used in several ways, with all directly related to the fan experience. In addition to showing replays of recent game events, fan video shots are captured with a mobile video camera and then shown on the MAXHUB display. Further, sponsor videos and various other interactive content using FANNEX interactive software and other fan interaction software. "Our 220-inch Raptor display is the perfect size for our arena," Brigl reports. "Due to its size and pixel specifications, the visual experience is just like watching a TV in your living room—with exceptional results from every angle and distance."

With its 1920 x 1080 HD resolution, the MAXHUB Raptor 220-inch diagonal integrated LED wall display delivers unparalleled visual clarity and impact—thanks to its stunning color accuracy, exceptional depth, and class-leading brightness and contrast ratio. Equally notable, this LED wall incorporates a 3-in-1 design that includes the Control Unit, the Receiving Unit, and the Power Unit—all in an incredibly thin and lightweight design.

Reflecting on the Raptor 220's attributes, Brigl offered the following thoughts, "Because the only place to mount the display was on the end wall, we initially had concerns about whether people would be able to see it from 250 feet away and, would they be able to see it at a sharp angle from the stands right next to the screen. Given its thin form factor and all-in-one design, the Raptor 220 exceeded our expectations with its crisp, bright, distortion-free display that maintains its image characteristics, even from sharp angles. In a nutshell, It is perfect!"

As is the case with numerous types of high-end electronic products, questions periodically arise, so capable and responsive customer and technical support services are crucial to many AV installations. In this regard, Brigl was equally impressed. "I am pleased to report the installation went very smoothly and, since that time, the operation of our Raptor display has been quite intuitive, so we haven't had any need for assistance. What I can say, however, is that the team at AVI Systems assured us that MAXHUB backs their products very well and if any issues arise, they will be there for us."

Before turning his attention to the business of the day, Brigl offered these parting comments regarding his experience with their MAXHUB 220-inch diagonal integrated LED wall display, "In our arena, for both the players and fans, the MAXHUB Raptor 220 has been a game changer! It allows us—via the use of a tricaster, multi-angle cameras, and other online content media—to Keep the 'Barn' rocking with fun, which is so important at today's sporting events. This display is, without a doubt, the most impactful investment a venue can make to provide the atmosphere desired by both organizations and fans. We researched several options, and the outcome of those efforts is that the MAXHUB is both more affordable and, we believe, a better solution from both a technology and a viewing perspective."

Source: AV-IQ

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