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MAXHUB Introduces XCore Kit: Elevating Microsoft Teams Rooms Experience for Broader Spaces

Microsoft Teams Rooms

Global leader MAXHUB unveils XCore Kit and peripherals certified for Microsoft Teams, expanding connectivity and collaboration

January 17, 2024 — MAXHUB, renowned for its integrated communications and display solutions, takes a significant leap forward with the introduction of the XCore Kit, a cutting-edge addition aimed at enhancing the Microsoft Teams Rooms experience. This innovation marks a pivotal moment in expanding connectivity and collaboration in diverse meeting spaces, particularly small to medium BYOD rooms.

Empowering Hybrid Teams with Enhanced Connectivity

The MAXHUB XCore Kit, alongside complementary peripherals, constitutes the MAXHUB XT Series, a comprehensive solution tailored for Microsoft Teams Rooms. Designed to optimise small and medium BYOD rooms, the XCore Kit streamlines the transition to fully certified Teams Rooms, offering cost-efficient upgrades and elevating collaboration experiences for hybrid teams.

Darren Lin, CEO of MAXHUB US, expressed the company's commitment to fostering inspiration and meaningful connections. He emphasised the remarkable affordability of the XCore Kit, attributing it to MAXHUB's unique position as the sole provider delivering a complete suite of unified communication, display, and interactive flat panel products. With nearly two decades of research and development expertise and robust supply chain management capabilities, MAXHUB aims to reduce barriers to accessing the Microsoft Teams Rooms experience.

Transforming BYOD Rooms into Dynamic Teams Spaces

The MAXHUB XCore Kit redefines BYOD rooms by seamlessly integrating with existing setups and meeting room systems. Key features include:

  • A Windows-based compute module powered by the 12th Gen Intel® CoreTM Processor, ensuring robustness and security.

  • A touch console with a 10.1” Full HD touch screen for intuitive collaboration and management.

  • One USB-C cable system for effortless connection to front-of-room displays and USB peripherals.

  • Seamless integration with MAXHUB and other meeting room peripherals, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.

  • 3-year warranty and local support for peace of mind and reliability.

  • Streamlined Deployment with MAXHUB XT Series

Expanding upon the XCore Kit, the MAXHUB XT Series offers a comprehensive solution for hybrid meeting spaces. The XT10-VB Kit features the MAXHUB UC S07 integrated video bar, offering simplified deployment and expandability. Meanwhile, the XT10-WS Kit combines the UC BM35 speakerphone with the UC W31 smart camera, catering to diverse audio and video needs.

In addition to kit options, MAXHUB provides a range of audio and video peripherals and commercial displays, seamlessly integrating with existing equipment and allowing for customisable setups to meet specific requirements.

Empowering Organizations with Comprehensive Meeting Solutions

MAXHUB's commitment to innovation extends beyond hardware, offering users a one-stop shopping experience for all their meeting room needs. With the MAXHUB XT Series, organizations gain access to seamless, efficient, and innovative meeting solutions, empowering teams to collaborate effectively in today's dynamic work environment.

If you want to learn more about MAXHUB XT Series, contact Merge AudioVisual.

Merge AudioVisual is the official partner of MAXHUB in New Zealand.

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