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MaxHub UC P10 with 12X PTZ Camera for Professional Conference Rooms

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

The best part of the device

Accessible mid-to-large video conferencing is made simple with the MAXHUB UC P10 camera. The P10 brings every discussion to life with its excellent 1080p picture quality and superior 12x optical zoom. A whole new level of lucid collaboration is possible with this wide-angle camera with PTZ control. Remote interactions are profound with HD 1080p visuals, and you never overlook a vital feature thanks to clever color adjustment.


MaxHub UC P10 Videoconferencing Camera - 2.1 Megapixel - 30 fps - USB 3.0

1920 x 1080 Video - CMOS Sensor - Auto-focus - 16x Digital Zoom

The ideal rate for high-end functionality and competent quality

Easy access to medium-to-large videoconferencing is made possible with the MAXHUB UC P10 camera. The P10 makes every discussion come to life by combining superior 1080p image quality with excellent 12x optical zoom. This PTZ-controlled wide-angle camera ushers in a new era of profound communication. While clever color adjustment makes sure you won’t overlook vital details, HD 1080p visuals give dimension to distant conversations.

Outstanding HD 1080p Clarity in Any Setting

2D & 3D DNR | WDR | Panasonic 1/2.7" CMOS

With advanced 2D and 3D DNR and WDR technologies, the P10 can produce fresh and lucid photo quality, even in adverse scenarios. The superior camera lenses guarantee 1080p professional visuals at any distance.

Full Scope with Wide-angle PTZ High-end Functionality

Up to 255 presets; Tilt 30°; Pan 170°; HFoV 72.5°

Ensure that each meeting participant receives the proper attention required. Full-room visibility is guaranteed by the 72.5° HFoV in alignment with the wide-angle pan and tilt control. Whiteboards and speakers may be switched between instantaneously by selecting from 255 presets. Your P10 camera won't overshadow your conversation thanks to its whisper-quiet motor operation.

Optical zoom at 12x and digital zoom at 16x

16x digital zoom with a 12x optical zoom

Pay attention to the topics that are important to you. You may draw the focus of your audience to even the smallest aspects of your presentation by using the 12x optical zoom and 16x digital zoom without compromising the quality. Even after magnification, responsive autofocus retains and ensures the photographs are crisp and utterly clear.

Consistent and Compatible with the Most Popular Collaboration Devices

RS232 In/Out

You are free to continue using whatever device you choose! The P10 is a versatile camera that can function with a variety of in demand in-room gadgets and meeting devices using the RS232 standard. We promote compatibility, so you don't have to change your meeting room equipment to modernise your space. Increase the value of your meetings by expanding on your present venture.

Plug and Play Distribution with USB Ease

USB 3.0 x 1

Put an end to tedious setup procedures and difficult furnishing schedules. For prompt distribution, the P10 merely connects with a USB cable to your smartphone. You may immediately begin the ideal video experience by simply connecting to the monitor or display in your current meeting room.

To learn the latest information about the MaxHub UC P10 and embark on the best video conferencing experience, contact Merge AudioVisual today.

Merge AudioVisual is the official partner of MAXHUB in New Zealand.

As a leading New Zealand Distributor of Digital Workplace technologies, Merge AudioVisual helps businesses to connect and communicate. How the world works has changed, how we communicate has changed and we are at the forefront of delivering the digital technologies needed to facilitate that change.

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