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Merge AudioVisual, New Zealand's Leading Audio-Visual And Meeting Room Technology

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Merge AV Get Cinnected

Merge AudioVisual is ready to compete in supplying technologies for the new hybrid workplace and has launched a range of communication and connectivity products to Resellers in New Zealand. Matthew Borchert, Merge AV NZ General Manager, said "It has been a crazy 12 months negotiating and confirming our distributor agreements with MAXHUB, Bluejeans, Video Window and Quicklaunch to ensure we have the very best Visual and Video conferencing technology in the world. It is fantastic that after our hard work we have now launched our new website and have our initial Resellers installing our products for their clients."

Matthew Borchert continued "Video conferencing technology has moved on. Security and cost have been the priority issues for our end users and without a doubt what we have to offer with Bluejeans is a major game-changer. For remote meetings, events, conferences and meeting rooms, we believe we have the best

solutions available in NZ. Our Video Window product range is an innovative always-on communication and connection solution that has become very popular overseas during the pandemic and work from home mode and allows remote workers wherever they may be to be seen, heard and valued. We are currently looking for more Resellers to work within NZ. "

The future of work is going to be conducted differently, with less travel, and more live-streamed events and virtual meetings. MAXHUB smart panels provide high-quality, high-resolution screens with interactive capabilities that enable users to communicate, share, edit, and annotate in real-time. Data projectors are

coming to the end of their technology life cycle and now intelligent screens and panels that are feature-rich will open up an entirely new dimension for meeting room technologies, communications, connectivity and collaboration.

Paul Butterworth, Commerical Director of the Merge Group, said "we are excited to represent MAXHUB, Bluejeans, Video Window and Quicklaunch in the NZ market. Unified communications, connectivity technologies, and Video conferencing platforms are redesigning how, where and when we work. You can

select an interactive flat panel display (IFPD) to match your department's or organisation's specific business needs and create memorable work together experiences for your teams, no matter where they are. Working together has never been easier thanks to the integration with collaboration tools and the built-in whiteboard app. The technology is available today and businesses are evolving to integrate these new technologies into how they operate to drive business efficiency and well-being for their human resource. The Merge AV team is focused on delivering solutions for the modern workplace and ensuring our Partners and Resellers have the opportunity to offer their customers the best technological solutions with the support needed to ensure their business and profits grow. Our research both in NZ and overseas definitely supports the growth of these technologies. This is a very exciting time for Merge AV.

If you are interested in becoming a Merge AV Reseller please contact us to have a no-obligation initial discussion. Please contact:

Merge AudioVisual

Matthew Borchert

0800 775532

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