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Prepare for the new year with these great runout deals from Merge AV


For a limited time, from December 1st, 2023, until January 31st, 2024, you can save big $$$ on these great Touchscreens from Maxhub. Setup your classroom, training room or corporate office with these large screens and leave the post-it notes and paper waste behind. Share ideas and take away collaboration information with ease thanks to the many applications available out of the box.

Have your own apps you want to use, download with ease and access whenever you like.  Stock is limited and once sold their will be no more available. Secure yours now by emailing or calling Matthew on +64 27 552 2720


Maxhub 75” IR Touchscreen for Corporate/Education      $2,500 + GST (22x stock)

Maxhub 86” IR Touchscreen for Corporate/Education      $3,000 + GST (1x stock)

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